Increase Engagement and Conversions with Interactive Video

Lights, Camera, Action!
Tag and populate interactive videos
Interactive video themes
Interactive video analytics

What does Interactive Video do?

CLVR Video brings your videos to life, enabling viewers to take action by clicking on the featured objects they are most interested in.

Why use Interactive Video?

Interactivity increases viewer engagement, facilitates important conversion opportunities and provides valuable analytics on viewer behavior.

Interactive Video Editor

  1. Add video via upload, link or embed code from your favorite video player.

  2. Tag any object with an interactive hotspot.

  3. Assign a responsive theme to each hotspot.

  4. Populate the theme with rich content (pictures, titles, descriptions, links, etc.) using our simple content management system (CMS). Think WordPress for interactive video.

Customize the Interactive Video Experience


Assign powerful functionality, such as social and e-commerce engagements, from the CLVR interactive apps store.


Pick from one of our enticing and responsive HTML5 interactive video themes or create your own using our SDK to represent your unique brand.

Interactive Video Analytics

CLVR video analytics track video performance and viewer behavior like never before, providing the valuable intelligence to measure and refine your campaign based on detailed data for each interaction.

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Built-In Technology

Mobile Friendly (HTML 5)
VAST/VPAID Compliant
Easy Integration
API Centric
Player Agnostic
Universal Plug-in

Deliver Your Videos to the Largest Audience

Easy Integration

iPhone with player iPhone with player

We help you get your interactive experience in front of the most viewers. We offer options to make it easy to place your videos anywhere and take advantage of scalable solutions already on the market. Built with the mobile user in mind, an architecture that will work on any device, anywhere.

Our platform was built to seamlessly integrate with your technology stack in order to minimize any workflow disruption. To that end, we have done the heavy lifting with our API so you can begin adding value to your videos right away. Our interactive overlays work seamlessly with any online video player on the market. For those that really want to unleash the power, tap into our SDK for extensive customization options to themes and applications.

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CLVR in Action


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Who we work with

CLVR Video solutions present a unique opportunity to add value and/ or create a distinctive differentiator for any video initiative. Value-added resellers, white-label solutions, custom deployments and application integrations are all welcomed opportunities.



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