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Immersive video through interactive technologies.

Imagine a world where the videos you watch every day do more than just talk at you. What if you could reach into those videos and become a part of the experience? You could engage with anything or anyone you choose. People, products, locations, music. Now you are in control of your experience instead of being force fed your entertainment. Clvr has developed a technology to make that all possible. Welcome to the future of entertainment.

Recent Projects


Our Story

"Every overnight success is 7 years in the making."


Clvr is Born

Television for an Intelligent Lifestyle

Clvr is founded with the mission to build technologies that help evolve video. We commit to stay open to all options and possibilities as we partner with forward thinking individuals who share our passion. To the left, our original logo was influenced by a combination of entrenched television networks and early social brands.


Clvr Tv - Launch Party!!

Out of the Lab and into the World.

In early 2009 we released our first dozen client projects to the world. This was a series of entertainment based content marketing videos that were designed to increase brand awareness and social collaboration.


Marque Cleints


Companies like Never Summer Industries join Clvr. They were our first international client, and still one of our favorites. Never Summer was an early adopter of lifestyle content as brand marketing. One of the industries fastest growing businesses and clear leaders in innovation, NS helped put us on the map. Thanks guys!


Version 1.0

Clvr Rleases first full version

Version 1.0 of the interactive video player comes out of the CLVR skunkworks. Flash based, and a true full player, CLVR's V1 technology helped set the standard for the industry.


Version 1.5

Aesthetic Upgrade

Based on user feedback we launched a new version of our software with an enhanced user experience. This led to better results and more excitement about the future of interactive video.

Let's build something awesome together!

We are looking for partners that believe video can and should be better. We have built a technology that makes that possible, but we need great creative minds to help us explore this new world and push the limits of those possibilities.

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