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Our Story

"Every overnight success is 7 years in the making."


Clvr is Born

Television for an Intelligent Lifestyle

Clvr is founded! We started with a couple of simple truths. Television as we knew it was going to have to evolve or it would vanish. When video delivery and Internet connectivity exist together the viewer will demand a new and better experience. This video viewing experience will have to be more interactive and the advertising experience will have to be less intrusive. We commit to stay open to all options and possibilities as we partner with forward thinking individuals who share our passion.


Clvr Tv - Launch Party!!

Out of the Lab and into the World.

In early 2009 we released our first dozen client projects to the world. This was a series of entertainment based content marketing videos that were designed to increase brand awareness and social collaboration.



Marque Cleints

Companies like Never Summer Industries and Lotus Clubs join Clvr. Never Summer was our first international client, and still one of our favorites. Never Summer was an early adopter of lifestyle content as brand marketing. They are one of the industries fastest growing businesses and clear leaders in innovation. Lotus Clubs is a group of premier lifestyle destinations. Their constant reinvention over the years has kept them ahead of the pack/ these companies and others helped put us on the map. Thanks guys!


Version 1.0

First full version release

Version 1.0 of the interactive video player comes out of the CLVR skunkworks. Flash based, and a true full player, CLVR's V1 technology helped set the standard for the industry.


Version 1.5

Aesthetic Upgrade

Based on user feedback we launched a new version of our software with an enhanced user experience. This led to better results and more excitement about the future of interactive video.


Architecture Re-Do

HTML 5 Applicaiton

In 2013 we made the decision to completely re-architect our product from the ground up. We identified the most desirable opportunities to be: marketing for big brands, enhancing the viewing experience for large scale content providers and higher level education. We knew that these verticals would require dramatically different solutions, but we identified the common needs of each and distilled our core product down to an offering that allowed us the flexibility to serve each and grow as traction and feedback lead us to the greatest opportunities.


Mammoth Digital is Born

Our sister digital agency

Long past due, Clvr finally splits off it's digital agency as it's own brand focusing on building incredible websites and driving meaningful traffic to those sites. Mammoth specializes in responsive design, search engine optimization, paid search and retargeting display ads. Please visit the site here: http://mammothigital.com


Clvr 2.0 Beta

Overlay and API

The principle concept was to only build the technology that overlaid video and facilitated the interactions and transactions. We would be the connector from the video viewer to everything else on the internet. Our mantra became “Connect and leverage, not reinvent." This new architecture was significantly more complex. We had to develop a means of connectivity between our tech and anything someone would want to use in way that was fast and easy to implement. We also had to create a way to overlay video that would be compatible with any video player and any device. We had to develop a user experience that enticed and encouraged viewers to engage without intruding on their viewing experience. We engaged top minds and acquired key talents to design and develop this new product. We beta tested the new version with large brands like the Colorado Avalanche, L’Oreal, Warren Miller and Western Union.