Creating online videos inexpensively

  • Creating online videos inexpensively

    We are always on the prowl for cool new technology to help create video content so that more people can take advantage of our interactive technology. A couple of our favorites right now are, Both of these sites give users an inexpensive and easy format to create video and export for sharing.

    Animoto allows you to compile and edit a series of short videos and or pictures into a themed and music driven final product. We have found few ways better to deliver the pictures and video we gather from events. You can actually tell a fairly compelling story by mixing up the music, live sound, text annotations and of course pictures and video.

    Xtranormal is blast both to use and for the product it delivers. You can choose from various sets of characters and then use set animations to move them around. Throw in a great text to talk feature, camera movement and you can easily get lost in all the possibilities. You get what you put in with xtranormal, but even with a small effort you can deliver very entertaining content. We like sit down with a couple people and bang on it together. The time I have spent laughing while building out a scene of nonsensical hilarity is often one of the highlights of my week. Building a product that is fun to use and delivers a great end result is not easy, but these guys definitely got it right.

    We are on the hunt for similar technologies. If you know of any please let us know!

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