It’s time to start thinking about online videos as microsites

  • It’s time to start thinking about online videos as microsites

    This conversation began when our head of marketing prodded me to make a splash while speaking on a panel recently. He suggested that when asked what the future of online video will look like and I should throw out a bold response and say it will take the place of websites. People liked that… a lot. So we thought we ought to figure out what the hell that would look like for next time they ask.

    I am so tired of hearing the phrase “Interactive Video”. It seems that a generation or more of expert technologist (we recently met an Apple employee from 1985 that had a go) have been taking a stab at what they think interactive video is capable of or should be and it has completely exhausted the for me. It is like any word once repeated enough times that just loses all meaning. Having used the phrase to describe our flagship product for many years now you can imagine the quandary I find myself in. So having been forced to more accurately define who we are, we begin an new narrative.

    Discovery. Websites have traffic driven to them from all over the place, but primarily through search (paid and organic) and social. We drive traffic to specific locations within a web page (landing pages) and we share specific items on those and other pages including pieces of content (products, people and sometimes videos even).

    Engagement. User experience and user engagement (UX/UI) play a pivotal role in emotionally engaging a user and building trust and loyalty. An environment that is intuitive and easy to use increases our desire to

    Conversion. Having the opportunity to complete a transaction (purchase, follow, like, share, comment, sign up, reserve, etc..) and building a funnel toward that conversion is what good online campaigns are all about. Capitalizing on the excitement generated through engagement to compel users to take actions in support of your company.

    Analytics. We track everything: where people found our websites, what page they entered on, every action they take, how much time they spend on a page, where they exit, and etc.

    Now I am going to back away from the idea that this kind of technology should take the place of your website today, but if we can provide a better experience for the viewer and in doing so we can open up opportunities for increased discovery, conversion and analytics then what is stopping us? There are so many more creative options now available if we open our minds up to them. We have the technology side covered. You guys get to making some cool video microsites already!

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